Archive: Mar 2014

  1. Plant Big with SSA Rain Forest Blend


    Agaves, small palms, ornamental grasses and trailing silvery Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ are all great candidates for large container plantings for porch and patio.

    Large poolside, patio and garden containers need the right potting mix to flourish. Good mixes for outdoor growing are heavier, to keep pots from falling over, and provide a balance of porosity and water retention. Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend is just one of those mixes. Not only does it provide good nutrition naturally, with quality organics such as worm castings, alfalfa meal, and kelp meal, but it also maintains good weight and growing characteristics with its blend of coconut coir, fine bark and compost. Best of all, each bag contains a multi-species blend of endomycorrhizae to enhance root development and plant vigor.

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