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  1. The Best Basils for Indoor Growing

    The compact, large-leaved 'Dolce Fresca' is an AAS award winner that's perfect for container growing. (Photo care of AAS)

    The compact, large-leaved ‘Dolce Fresca’ basil is an AAS award winner that’s perfect for container growing. (Photo care of AAS)

    Fresh basil isn’t just for summer. A sunny window or room can easily offer enough light to grow basil for pesto alla Genovese or adding to soups and salads. The key is providing good care and choosing the best basils for the job. High-yielding, compact varieties are always best.

    More compact basils vary in size, leaf density, flavor, and stature. One of the most compact and best tasting is the Italian heirloom ‘Verde Piccole Foglie’. Its tiny leaves and bushy shape make it look a bit like a pruned boxwood, but don’t let the size fool you. The leaves pack big, spicy, pungent flavor, and the plant responds well to regular cutting and trimming.

    The comparable ‘Fino Verde’ (8” x 12”) is another compact, flavorful, bushy basil that’s more easily found in the US market. It’s a little sweeter tasting but otherwise indistinguishable from ‘Verde Piccole Foglie’ and equally easy to grow at the window-side. Read the full article »