1. Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend vs Other Bark Based Grow Mixes

    Choosing a soilless media for your hydroponic garden can be a real challenge when there are just a few small differences from one brand to another. But when it comes to the end game of a healthy mature crop, these small differences can have a big impact on plant performance. It pays to note the details because in them lies the key to what’s best for your plants, their longevity, vigor and overall health.

    To simplify hydroponic gardening, you need soilless media that is complete from day one. That ensures that every seedling is well nourished from the start. This is why Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend includes an organic nutrient package that boosts performance in these early weeks when plants are just getting started.

    Other growing mixes often lack this early life nutrition, forcing you to add fertilizer for a more vigorous start. That is always risky because tender seedlings can be badly damaged by too high a nutrient load at the start of life. By the time you see the signs of this deficiency or toxicity, it’s too late.

    Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend is uniquely fortified with mycorrhizae, the most important soil borne organism to plant life. Our soil scientists have integrated these living organisms into the mix so they are well established when plants arrive. Putting these microbes in direct contact with young roots allows them to enter through the root hairs to live symbiotically within each plant. It is well known those plants with such a relationship maintain a healthier immune system, root better, reach further into the soil and take up even more nutrients.

    Rain Forest Blend earns its fertility from earthworm castings, humic acid, kelp and alfalfa meal, which yields readily available nitrogen. Fishing byproducts may contribute nitrogen to other products, but often the nutrients are not readily available because it’s in the ammonium nitrogen form. While this form is taken up by plants, they must use vital growth energy to change it to nitrate nitrogen before it becomes beneficial. This extra work load slows plant growth. Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend contains enough kelp to offer the same marine nutrient load without problem ammonia build up and the ever present threat of unrecognized sea salt accumulations.

    Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend is carefully crafted to ensure excellent drainage both early and late in the process. As organic matter breaks down, other bark based media will not hold its structure risking compaction that cuts off vital oxygen from hard working roots. To maximize the benefits of an adventurous root system fortified with mycorhizzae, media must remain porous to guarantee all nutrients reach every inch of root zone. With generous perlite and our highest percentage of aged fir bark, there is little chance growth will slow late in the vegetative process as plants struggle to thrive in media that is growing more dense by the day.

    Finally, the simplicity of using Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest Blend eliminates the need to add peat so you can use it as is. Our two step system of Plant Fuel nutrition takes the guess work out of growing plants hydroponically. Keep it simple so the microbes and their plant hosts have what they need when they need it. Above all, know that Rain Forest Blend is complete from day one, as designed by the diligent soil scientists who put their name and reputation behind development and extensive testing of every Sunshine Advanced product.

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    1. David

      Hello,I’m looking for grow media for vegtable propagation in Bags…..in a greenhouse.
      It looks like your products may just fit the ticket!…….do you also have growth supplements to add to the media at certain time intervals throughout the growth process…..to plant maturity?
      Please contact me,Thank you.

    2. sungrohorticulture

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your interest in our Sunshine Advanced products!

      Our Sunshine Advanced line contains two mixes that would be a great choice for vegetables in bags – Sunshine Advanced #4 and Sunshine Advanced Ultra Coir.  Both contain peat, coir, and perlite as well as organic fertilizer and mycorrhizae.

      For more detailed technical information about our products you can go to the Sunshine Advanced Products Page and click on any of the Tech Talk “MORE” info links.

      For additional fertilization, we offer a great selection of fertilizers available through our Black Gold line including our OMRI-listed tomato and vegetable fertilizer.

      Thank you!