1. Growing Media pH: Harmonizing Peat and Lime

    Drastic pH changes upset plant quality (figure 1), which is why growing media pH is a popular subject with growers. Peat mixes are not naturally well buffered against pH changes, and container growing exacerbates pH effects. Water, fertilizer regime, and even the species grown can affect pH, which is why it’s important to have a well-buffered mix. This …

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  2. With Hydroponics, Don’t Guess…Test Your Plants

    “The plant is the final judge,” says Kathryn Lewis of Sun Gro Analytical Services, a branch of our company that uses rigorous testing and analysis to determine your crop’s needs. Even if a plant looks picture perfect, it may harbor a deficiency that could reduce flavor, oil content, and overall vigor. “It’s what the plant has taken up that matters,” …

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  3. NUTES: Nutrients and Indoor Growing

    One of the common questions that customers ask is how to fertilize plants grown in Sunshine Advanced (SSA) mixes. Many are confused by all of the information about fertilization available on websites, in magazines, or product guidelines that may contain conflicting advice and opinions. The approach to fertilization should not be that difficult. We want …

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  4. Wet and Dry Mixes: Pro Choices for Hydro Growers

    For years hydroponic growers growing in media were forced to mix their own to create the ideal conditions for rooting. Through trial and error they sought to solve problems related to homemade media that retained too much or too little moisture at the root zone. Some growers sought the perfect mix for moisture retention while others wanted …

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  5. Mycorrhizae and Sunshine Advanced Grow Mixes

    WHAT ARE MYCORRHIZAE? Mycorrhizae (pronounced My-cor-rye-zay) are fungi that form mutually beneficial relationships with the roots of certain plants. These fungi have mycelium that either grow either inside of a plant’s roots (Endomycorrhizae) or attach to root surfaces (Ectomycorrhizae). Both the fungi and plants benefit. The fungi benefits from the plant’s food and nutrients, and the fungi send …

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  6. Give your Garden the Edge with Resilience™ Enhanced Mixes!

    Sun Gro Horticulture® is proud to introduce Sunshine® Advanced Resilience™ mixes enhanced with silicon.  Available in Sunshine® Advanced Mix #4, Sunshine® Advanced Ultra Coir, Sunshine® Advanced Rain Forest Blend,  and Sunshine® Advanced Super Hydro, Resilience™ is Sun Gro’s brand name for growing mixes enriched with beneficial silicon—a patented technology developed by the company’s own research horticulturists.