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    Sun Gro Horticulture® is proud to introduce Black Gold® Resilience™ mixes enhanced with silicon.  Available in Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil, Black Gold Moisture Supreme Container Mix, Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil, Black Gold Seedling Mix, and Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend Potting Soil, Resilience™ is Sun Gro’s brand name for growing mixes enriched with beneficial silicon—a patented technology developed by the company’s own research horticulturists.

    These enhanced potting mixes offer gardeners big benefits! In numerous trials, plants grown in Resilience mixes show increased stem diameter, improved root growth, increased drought tolerance and even earlier flowering — saving you time and worry while providing more resilient garden plants. Container and garden plants even recover better from less-than-perfect watering, which gives your plants a longer shelf life.

    “This is a major horticultural breakthrough,” says Chris Bednar, Sun Gro’s COO. “Gardeners can now have stronger, more vigorous, longer-lasting plants–from the greenhouse to retail to consumer gardens.” 


    What are the benefits of Resilience-enhanced mixes?

    Time and time again, research at Universities, in commercial grower trials and at the Sun Gro Discovery Center, supports significant and dramatic positive results with Resilience. Trials have shown that plants grown in silicon-enriched mixes have the following advantages:

    40% BETTER ROOT GROWTH for increased nutrient uptake and support

    13% EARLIER FLOWERING for more attractive plants, faster

     12% INCREASED STEM DIAMETER for stronger plants and reduced breakage

    77% LONGER TIME BEFORE WILT for increased shelf life

    Resilience comparison

    * Results will vary by plant type and how you grow your plants.

    The results are impressive! Resilience™ brings dramatic increases in plant growth and vigor in addition to better roots and stems, earlier flowering and delayed wilt.

    Do Resilience-enhanced mixes benefit all garden plants?

    Research included collection of week-by-week growth data of over 40 popular annuals, perennials and vegetables in a controlled greenhouse setting. Tests were conducted using Sun Gro’s Sunshine®, Fafard® and Metro Mix® professional lines of peat-based and bark-based growing and propagation mixes as well as Black Gold®, Fafard® and Sunshine Advanced® retail mixes.

    According to Janet Rippy, Ph.D., lead researcher of the Resilience program at the Sun Gro Discovery Center, “results may vary by species, growing conditions and growing practices; but after extensive research and trialing, we are confident that Resilience™ mixes benefit plant growth in numerous important horticultural plants.”

    The research is ongoing, but as we learn more, the benefits become increasingly clear. Silicon enriched Resilience™ mixes can and should become an integral part of  indoor and container gardening to allow plants to grow more naturally and resiliently in any contained growing environment.

    Snapdragon 'Twinny Violet' grown with and without Resilience at the Sun Gro Discovery Center.

    Snapdragon ‘Twinny Violet’ grown with and without Resilience at the Sun Gro Discovery Center. The Resilience plant shows stronger, more compact growth.


    How do Resilience-enhanced mixes work?

    Plants absorb the easy-to-access Resilience™ silicon where it becomes part of the roots, shoots and leaves to improve organic strength. It essentially provides reinforcement to make plants tougher and more resilient, which helps them cope better with environmental stresses. Stronger stems mean plants are more durable and wind resistant, and silicon-fortified foliage helps plants resist drought.


    See the Resilience difference!

    The results have been so impressive, we believe Resilience™ silicon-enriched growing mixes will become the new standard for gardeners. Why? Because you will see the results! When you use  Black Gold® Resilience™ quality potting mixes enriched with  silicon your plants will be stronger, last longer and recover more quickly from infrequent or inconsistent watering.  Try Black Gold Resilience™ mixes and see the difference!


    Where can I find Black Gold Resilience™ mixes? 

    Selected Black Gold products contain Resilience™ patented technology. To find a retailer near you, please visit our Store Finder.

    Resilience products

    Resilience has also been added to other select Sun Gro mixes.


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    1. Jessie Keith

      Hi Brian,

      Yes! Silicon is the most abundant mineral in the native soil, so almost all tomatoes are harvested from plants that are grown in soils containing silicon. Silicon is also found in water, so even traditional hydroponic tomatoes are grown with silicon. The silicon used in Sun Gro mixes is mined from the earth, and our Resilience-containing products are, or are becoming, OMRI Listed. Soilless mixes (peat and bark based mixes) do not contain adequate silicon to improve plant growth; that’s why it’s added for container gardening.

      Happy Gardening!