Enhanced Plant Growth with Resilience


Silicon (Si) is a beneficial plant substance. When added to a growing medium it helps strengthen cell walls, making a plant stronger. Sun Gro Horticulture is pleased to announce that silicon (Si) under our trade name RESiLIENCE® is now included in select Sunshine® and Sunshine Advanced® growing mixes.


*Results will vary by plant type and grower practices

Consistent Grow Mixes for Extreme Performance

When you buy Sun Gro Horticulture Sunshine® and/or Sunshine Advanced® quality potting mixes enriched with RESiLIENCE®, your plants will be stronger, last longer, and be able to recover more quickly from less than perfect watering.

They will look better overall! You will see the difference and love the results!

Sunshine Advanced


  • Once taken up by the plant, RESiLIENCE® accumulates in the cell walls and strengthens the plant tissue.
  • Stronger stems often result in compact and sturdier plants.
  • RESiLIENCE® also polymerizes and turns into a gel reducing water loss.

RESiLIENCE® Growth Trials

We’ve tested RESiLIENCE® in our mixes. And it works. RESiLIENCE® mixes bring dramatic increases in plant growth and vigor.

  • Increased Root Mass
  • Thicker/Stronger Stems
  • Earlier Flowering
  • Delayed Wilt

See the Trial Results Here »

*Results will vary by plant type and how you grow it.