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Grow Your Profits with Confidence

Why carry Sunshine Advanced?

Professional growers trust Sunshine Advanced and Sun Gro Horticulture to produce the best commercial crops. Likewise, retailers can trust us to deliver:

  • Satisfied customers: SSA mixes have a proven crop performance and a money back satisfaction pledge.
  • Superior profits: SSA mixes consistently yield better margins than most products on the hydro market.
  • Superior services: Sun Gro provides superior customer and informational services to help you maximize sales.
  • Supply leadership: for over 80 years Sun Gro has been the leading supplier to professional growers across North America.

Sunshine Advanced delivers benefits to help your customers succeed!

Your customers will love the results they get when they grow with Sunshine Advanced products. It’s a line used by professional growers, optimized for indoor and general container growing. It is formulated to maximize plant vigor and growth, whether plants are cultivated outdoors or inside under lights… MORE


Get the Word Out

Hydro customers have used Sunshine products for years and the advent of Sunshine Advanced has allowed our customers to take growing to a whole new level. Everything you need to know about Sunshine Advanced products can be found on the products page,including brochures and certifications.  And to ensure your success in selling Sunshine Advanced, we are committed to a multi-year program of promoting our ever expanding list of products. Your customers will consistently see Sunshine Advanced promotions and advertisements through:

  • Consistent Advertising in Maximum Yield
  • Attendance at Industry Trade Shows across North America
  • Consumer Advertising on the Internet aimed at the Hydro Target Audience

All of these marketing efforts are aimed at driving people to the Sunshine Advanced website. Our information-filled site inspires visitors to become Sunshine Advanced customers, encourages novice users to try new products and continually educates longtime customers. One of our site’s most used assets is the store finder where users can find your hydro store and purchase Sunshine Advanced. Our goal is to get retailers new as well as repeat customers. Your success becomes our success.

If you have some additional ideas on how we can better work together to promote your hydro store and Sunshine Advanced, email us Click here to Email.

Creating Local Interest in Sunshine Advanced

Whether you are a new or established hydro retailer, we want to support your efforts to increase sales. Our goal is to give you the tools to succeed with Sunshine Advanced. Popular with traditional retailers, we are happy to provide cooperative advertising to qualified retailers. Additionally, we offer co-op for purchases of Sun Gro’s other popular hydro brands, Sunshine and Black Gold. To get qualified and begin the process, contact your hydroponics distributor. A Sun Gro representative will then meet with you to establish an agreement.

To drive store sales, we have developed a variety of Sunshine Advanced POP to guide your customers in their purchasing decision. These are supplemented by a comprehensive brochures brochure that covers the entire Sunshine Advanced product line. New point-of-purchase items are in development, and when they are available, we will announce them on the Sunshine Advanced website.

If you have some point-of-purchase ideas that you believe will increase your sales of Sunshine Advanced, email us Click here to Email.



  1. ray lopez

    i would like to try your product out for free first,then purchase items if my grow goes good..thanks

  2. Sunshine Advanced

    The best way for you to get free samples of Sunshine Advanced is to attend a public day at a Maximum Yield tradeshow. We also do customer events at Hydro stores, but that is on a more random basis.