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  1. Growing Tomatoes from Seed to Harvest


    Nothing is more gratifying than a big tomato harvest in the summer season!

    The tomato is the most popular warm-season crop, but it can be surprisingly tricky to tend to full productive glory. Tomatoes require at least 6 hours of full sun per day, are fertilizer and water hogs, and produce fruit most vigorously when days are warm (between 78 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit) and nights moderately warm (at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Vining (indeterminate) types need caging or trellising, while bush (determinant) types may or may not need staking; both benefit from seasonal pruning. For temperate growers, late winter is the best time to plant homegrown tomato plants from seed for spring planting. Read the full article »

  2. Vertical Vegetable Gardening with SSA


    A vertical vegetable tower filled with SSA Ultra Coir supports lettuce and tomato plants.

    Vegetable gardens have grown up with the dawn of vertical gardening. Gardeners and growers have learned how to maximize their space and harvest by planting on walls, posts or pylons—either via prefab vertical gardening solutions or clever self-made innovations. But to make the most of any vertical garden, you need to start with the right soil for the job as well as good, consistent care.

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