1. 7106sunshine-mix4-myco-resilience-frontFor years hydroponic growers growing in media were forced to mix their own to create the ideal conditions for rooting. Through trial and error they sought to solve problems related to homemade media that retained too much or too little moisture at the root zone. Some growers sought the perfect mix for moisture retention while others wanted a mix with perfect drainage and aeration.

    The scientists at Sunshine® Advanced formulated two growing media products that take guesswork out of mixing your own wet and dry mixes. Sunshine® Advanced Ultra Coir retains moisture while Sunshine® Advanced Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae is a highly aerated, well-drained media with added mycorrhizae. Now indoor growers can choose the perfect mix for their growing needs.

    perlite-large_03 Sunshine® Advanced Mix #4 with Mycorrhizae uses only the finest peat and coarse perlite, lime, mycorrhizae and organic fertilizer to get your plants off to a good start. It is a premium mix for indoor growing mix that contains a higher amount of horticultural perlite for plants that prefer greater air porosity. By offering excellent drainage, it protects against overly saturated media, while also providing just enough moisture. What’s more, it is boosted with endomycorrhizae and a low phosphorus fertilizer  to better support mycorrhizae establishment and growth.  RESiLIENCE®, has been added, which may improve resistance to wilting.

    9570sunshine-advanced-ultra-coir-resilience-frontFor a drier greenhouse or outdoor growing conditions, Sunshine® Advanced Ultra Coir prevents dehydration that can slow and sometimes even stop growth.  Formulated much like our professional coir-based mixes. It is specifically designed for vegetables, herbs and other consumable plantings and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. It is most recommended for indoor use for crops requiring a lot of water.

    Our soil scientists are devoted to creating media suited to a wide range of growing conditions. They eliminate the time-consuming process of fine tuning your own recipe. Whether you need a great mix for moisture retention or one with perfect drainage and aeration, Sunshine® Advanced has got you covered!


    1. jennifer

      Hi Sunshine,
      I am going to switch from ocean forest to your #4. I am NOT going hydroponic.Is there anything negitive that i need to look out for?
      such as watering differences, will it go well with “General Organics” brand nutrients?
      Thankx for your help.

    2. sungrohorticulture

      Hi Jennifer,

      When using any growing media and not growing hydroponically, the same rules apply for almost anything you use: water the plants when the media starts to dry out on the surface: stick your finger down into the media 2-3” to determine if it needs to be watered (if it is still moist/wet, don’t water. If it is drying out, water thoroughly until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. After checking this way a few times, you will have an idea of how often to water.

      Be careful to not let it dry out too much. With fertilizers, as long as it has a lower “middle” number (phosphorus), it should be ok as long as it is not labeled exclusively for hydroponic growing. Follow the instructions on the package for when and how often to fertilize. Check out our Tech Talk for Sunshine Advanced #4 on our website, it gives a lot of good information as well.

      Cheers and Happy Growing!